Benefits of a Stairmaster Workout

Instead of bounding and leaping up stairs at the nearest sports coliseum or running up museum steps like Rocky Balboa, why not use the comfortability and ease of a Stairmaster? Either the StepMill or the FreeClimber makes working out your lower body and increasing your cardiovascular system so much easier. When you use your Stairmaster regularly, for only 20 minutes, three to four times a week, it can increase your endurance and stamina. Not only that, but it’ll burn calories too. Thirty minutes on your StepMill or FreeCklimber can burn anywhere from 200 to 250 calories. It’ll even elevate your heart rate making you feel more alive!

Also, don’t we hate the impact of concrete on our feet and legs? Sometimes that hard impact can travel directly up your back and cause some serious spinal injuries. No need to worry about that when you’ve got a Stairmaster. The non-impact workout from a StepMill or FreeClimber means exactly that: there is no impact or stress being placed on your joints and muscles. You’re free to climb at your own pace without the worry of injury. Let’s not forget about the strengthening the StepMill and FreeClimber provides to your lower body as well. Because of the climbing motion, a StepMill and FreeClimber strengthens the major muscles groups in your lower body. Your quadriceps (front thigh), hamstrings (back thigh), calves, and gluteus maximus (that’s your buttocks) are all used and exercised while working out on a Stairmaster.

The choice should be simple: Stairmaster or no Stairmaster (StepMill or FreeClimber)? That is the question. How do you want your cardio and lower body workouts to be: rough and rigid, or comfortable and smart? I prefer the latter.

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