The No-Impact Cybex Arc Trainer

Other cardiovascular machines title themselves as “low-impact” meaning that the lower body does not feel the stress that is typically induced by running or walking on hard surfaces. The surface on a treadmill or Stairmaster is soft and cushioned allowing for very little impact or stress to be placed on your lower legs and joints. However, if a “no-impact” exercise is what you prefer, then the Cybex Arc Trainer might be the right cardiovascular machine for you!

The Cybex Arc Trainer either glides, climbs, and strides according to the three program settings on its control console. Whether your gliding, climbing, or striding, the Cybex Arc Trainer makes for a comfortable, no-impact workout that strengthens your lower body, increases your cardiovascular system, and allows for absolutely no stress to your legs and joints. That means you get the workout that you want and there’s no damage done to your body! You can even optimize your workout with a wide range of variable resistance and inclines as well as longer arms that allow for you to work your upper body as well. There are 8 preset programs and 9 custom workouts ranging from flat grades to up-hill grades, like the “Pikes Peak” setting, which will have you feel like your climbing a mountain without the uncomfortable pain you might feel in yours joints and legs after walking over hard rock, gravel, or stone.

The Cybex Arc Trainer is available in either a Total Body or Lower Body version. Train for upper strength and power, as well as endurance, cardio, and weight loss with the Cybex’s Total Body version like the 770AT. Or train with Cybex’s “Best New Product” (voted 2004 & 2005) with the 600A or 610A Arc Trainer. Either version will help you obtain your goals with with the comfort of a no-impact workout.

Tired of shin-splints and weak knees? Then leave them in the dust with a Cybex Arc Trainer that’ll turn your low-impact exercise into a no-impact exercise. Call us about our deals on Arc Trainers today!

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