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Cybex Treadmills

There are many types of exercise machines on the market today. However, no matter how many high-tech machines are introduced into the market, the treadmill remains a classic. The treadmill allows runners to take full advantage of their workout with easy-to-use software, extras like heartrate monitoring, and workout options for a variety of user experiences, including:

  • Trudging – Walking steadily at a slow but constant pace – this is great for promoting relaxation and circulation.
  • Brisk walking – Enthusiasts walk at a speed high enough to warm-up and raise their heart rate. This often serves as preparation for a full run, It can also used to conduct a cardiovascular workout for endurance training or weight loss.
  • Backwards jogging – A specialty use which promotes footwork and balance. It also helps keep users stay focused on their exercise.
  • Duck walk – Some use their treadmill in a squatting position to shape the upper thighs and perform a more vigorous workout.

Treadmill enthusiasts quickly realize that they put as much strain on their machines as the machine does on their own bodies. For this reason, they learn the importance of a quality machine. This is why we at Total Body Experts recommend Cybex Treadmills to our exacting customers.

Cybex Treadmills

Cybex is known internationally for its quality machines. They have helped users all over the world stay in shape and manage their weight, including the contestants of “The Biggest Loser.” It is a staple at exercise clubs and athletic training facilities. Common features include:

  • Units contain a powerful motor which stands up to the harshest commercial environments. It can accommodate individuals in nearly any weight class.
  • Speed ranges are generous, some exceeding 16mph. It allows sprint training and accommodates users at all training levels.
  • Units contain a built-in fan to keep the user cool and allow for longer workouts.
  • Users are motivated with a digital exercise monitor. These have the option to interface with an iPod to serve as a personal entertainment center as well.
  • Efficient design makes the running area large but the machine footprint small.
  • Advanced deck design to match the mechanics of a runner: soft at the landing point, hard in the middle, and rigid at the toe-off point.
  • Softening performed with a Cybex patented IS3 Intelligent Suspension System. The advanced-technology elastomer dampens the effect of the impact shock, reducing injuries. This system avoids the trampoline effect present in many competitor models.
  • Variable incline rate to vary the intensity of the workout without changing the speed
  • Standard and customized workout programs

With these features, Cybex Treadmills will provide a premium workout experience for your clients. To learn more, contact us at 866-203-5770 today.

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