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Get in shape with a Stairmaster Stepmill from Total Body Experts

The Stairmaster Stepmill is an escalator-style piece of exercise equipment produced by Nautilus, Inc. With its adjustable speed and resistance levels, it is an appropriate piece of fitness equipment for people of all ages and skill levels. Adding to its safety are added handrails that can be grabbed in the event of a misstep.

Through gentle stepping motions, there is less impact on the joints, compared to using a treadmill. By increasing speed and resistance levels, you can burn more fat in the least amount of time. When in use, it mimics actual stair-climbing movements to help people achieve lower-body strength in the hamstrings, quadriceps, calves, and gluteal muscles. The core muscles can be properly engaged once proper balance is maintained. Additionally, the Stairmaster Stepmill offers outstanding cardiovascular benefits, due to its ability to almost instantly raise the heart rate.

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