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ProForm Le Tour De France Indoor Cycling Bike - Gen2 w/Google Maps™ (PFEX01312)

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ProForm Le Tour De France Indoor Cycling Bike - Gen2 w/Google Maps™ (PFEX01312)
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The Official Training Bike of Le Tour De France

Introducing the all new Generation 2 ProForm Le Tour De France Bike. Get the experience of riding outside without leaving the comfort of your own home. You draw the route-anywhere in the world-and iFit Live™ Technology Powered by Google Maps™ automatically downloads the map to your console. What you see is exactly what you feel-every hill, every flat and every decline. This versatile ProForm Tour De France Indoor Cycle delivers more options for a greater benchmark performance. With 24 Digital Gear Controls you can personalize any workout. Interactive Incline and Decline Controls allow your bike to follow the road. Intelligent Wind Resistance factors in your height and weight for a calculated drive. Train like a Pro with Le Tour de France Indoor Cycle.

Ride Anywhere in the World with Google Maps™ iFit Live™ Technology Built-In

With the iFit Live™ Technology Powered by Google Maps™ you can ride anywhere in the world! Choose from 24 pre-mapped courses or create your own. Ride over the Passage du Gois or climb the hills of Mont des Alouettes in France. Now you can experience these same trails and more on this Indoor Cycle. With iFit Live™ Technology you can ride where the Pro's do. The world is at your fingertips. Map any route and enjoy the ride! Google and Google Maps are registered trademarks of Google, Inc.

Tour De France Bike Display Tour De France Bike Incline And Decline Tour De France Bike Data Windows Tour De France Bike Google Maps Tour De France Bike Google Maps gallery-maps-main.jpg



Handlebar Shifters

You can now conveniently alternate gears just like you would on your road bike with the new Handlebar Shifters! Right and left Handlebar Shifters simulate front and rear sprockets just like your road bike. Introducing the new and improved Handlebar Shifters that simulate the same resistance change you would feel on your road bike. They are better than ever with convenient placement on the handlebars so you can stay focused on your ride without disrupting your workout each time you change your resistance. Our innovative engineers have designed the gear resistance to match that of your road bike—the left shifter adjusts resistance in the front sprockets while the right shifter adjusts resistance in the rear sprockets. With 24 different resistance levels you can adjust your ride by the slightest amount possible on an indoor cycle and develop more cardiovascular strength.



Built-In Power Meter

The built-in power meter is an internal device that allows you to monitor your watts and RPM's directly on the console.
Eliminate the hassle of attaching a separate device to measure your watts and RPM's—the ProForm Tour de France Indoor Cycle comes equipped with a built-in power meter. The built-in power meter is an internal device that allows you to monitor your watts and RPM's on the console as you ride. The power meter allows you to tune-in to your ride and monitor your watts and RPM's for a better benchmark performance. Now you can make certain that you are challenging yourself while perfecting your ride. With the power meter you can get real-time feedback on how hard you are training.


Tour De France Bike Incline and Decline 

It Does What the Street Does -20 - 20% Digital Incline and Decline Controls

The ProForm Tour De France Bike introduces incline and decline that matches the street! Now, you can experience any route around the world and Le Tour de France Indoor Cycle automatically adjusts the incline and decline to simulate the terrain! No matter the route, no matter the map, your bike moves to follow the road. So, you get a realistic workout-just as if you were outside-but without the traffic, potholes and weather. Now you can have the perfect day on your road bike every day of the year with Le Tour de France Indoor Cycle.


Intelligent Wind Resistance For a More Personalized Experience

Any indoor bike can give you resistance, but only The ProForm Tour de France Indoor Cycle can give you Intelligent Wind Resistance. Intelligent Wind Resistance automatically adjusts the resistance of your bike based on your wind profile. Our smart technology calculates your height and weight to apply the natural resistance you would get out on the road. A climb in your basement is exactly like a climb outside.

Tour De France Bike Flywheel Tour De France Bike Handlebars Tour De France Bike Pedals Tour De France Bike Seat Tour De France Bike Adjustments gallery-intelligent-main.jpg


Tour De France Bike Lewis Elliot




What the pros are saying

"The "Tour De France Trainer" is incredible because it has a very realistic road feel. In over 20 years of riding trainers, I've never ridden anything even close. My favorite    features are the Google Maps iPhone application, and that the bike actually rotates up or down based on uphills and downhills. The "Tour De France Trainer" is by far the closest stationary bicycle to the road I've ever experienced! Five stars!"



Press for the TOUR de France Bike

"Valuable a conditioning tool as stationary bikes are, any avid cyclist will tell you that they're nowhere near as good as being out on the open road. One of the differences between real cycling and indoor training is the fact that when riders are on the road, the topography of the area determines the pedaling effort required. By contrast, when on a stationary bike, riders usually just vary their output as they feel like it. In an attempt to make indoor training more like the real thing, Pro-Form's Le Tour de France Indoor Cycle lets users choose or create real-world routes using Google Maps, then adjusts the angle of the riding platform to replicate the experience of riding up and down those roads. " Read More >> 

SOURCE: gizmag.jpg

Feautured in:

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 Additional Features:

  • membership for one year, providing the ability to "draw your own" cycling route anywhere in the world there's a Google Map™
  • Power meter in watts
  • RPM meter
  • 24 gears, with digital handlebar mounted controls
  • Console displays watts, speed, time, gear, rpm, heart rate, percent incline/decline, distance and calories
  • 10 pre-drawn Google Maps™ courses of the 2011 Tour de France
  • 9 exercise bike workout apps and 5 indoor cycle class workouts
  • Polar® wireless chest pulse compatible (receiver included and chest strap sold separately)
  • Pedals: Designed to keep your feet in place, these pedals are built with toe cages to increase stability. You can choose to ride using the caged pedals or switch them out to use your own clipless pedals. The mounting is conveniently built into the cranks so that you can easily take them off and put your own pedals on.
  • Freewheel to more accurately simulate road bike experience
  • Compatible Music Port for iPod® and built-in speaker
  • Multiple position adjustable handlebars
  • Included seat has three-way seat adjustment: up and down,

Product Brochure: ProForm Le Tour De France Indoor Cycling Bike - Gen2

Warranty The frame and drive motor are warranted for a lifetime. Parts and electronics are warranted for six (6) years from the date of purchase. Labor is warranted for 1 (1) years from the date of purchase.
  1. Tour de France Bike Review by Ben K.

    I bought this while deployed and given the constraints we had to deal with, Total Body Experts were very professional and very polite. I was getting frustrated with not being able to call them and confirm things, but this was due to no phone availability. They were very considerate and completely understanding. If I was asked by someone who I would recommend purchasing from, I will and have reply, "Total Body Experts". Thanks again for your patience and attention to detail with the shipping as I requested to pay and have it shipped at a later date. Thanks again for a smooth transaction.
    -Fayetteville NC.

  2. Tour De France excercise bike Review by David B.

    Thanks for the great deal you offered me on the bike. You guys gave a fantastic deal, with free shipping on what is currently the coolest excercise bike out there. After several hundred miles it is beyond compare. Thanks again.
    -Sandy UT.

  3. Proform Exercise Bicycle Review by Courtney G.

    TBExperts were a pleasure to order from, a very intutive online experience. Sales person called my up to insure all information was accurate and saleperson and shipping manager were as engaged as you can be via email! I received my Le Tour de France bicycle 2 1/2 weeks after ordering and cannot wait to utilize the bike.
    -Alexandria VA.

  4. Tour De France Bike I'm very happy with my bike Review by Sean G.

    When ordering my bike the customer service was great especially Sandy Martinez. She was very helpful in tracking my order. From start to finish the company was very helpful and I was happy with the service and would use them again. I''m very happy with my Tour De France Bike. Workouts are challenging and fun. The bike is pretty easy to use and I have not had issue with linking to the web at all. Changing gears is pretty easy having them on the bottom of the handle bars is great. Putting the bike together was simple. I would recommend this bike if your looking for a great exercise bike. Great work out!
    -Aberdeen NJ.

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