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What is a Stairmaster and How Can It Help You Stay Fit?

by heena madaan 03 May 2023
Stairmaster and How Can It Help You Stay Fit?  

What is a Stairmaster and How Can It Help You Stay Fit?

Have you ever seen athletes jogging up and down the steps in the stadiums? Well, stair climbing has been an excellent workout option for a long time. Soccer players and other athletes use stairs to level up their fitness game before each season. But now you can enjoy the same benefit in your home gym with your own fitness machine. The Stairmaster, also known as the stair climber or Stairmaster stepmill, is a perfect fitness machine for a good stair-climbing workout.

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The first stair-climbing fitness machine known as the Stairmaster 5000 was invented in 1983. With a miniature escalator-type appearance, this machine allowed users to walk or run-in place up the rotating stairs. As technology advanced, features like heart rate monitors and calorie-burning calculators were added to the Stairmaster line of machines.

Now, Stairmaster has been around for quite some time, and fitness freaks love it. This fitness machine allows you to walk straight up a flight of stairs for as long as your body will allow it. As a result, your legs will feel like fire, and you will be drenched in sweat within a few minutes. In this post, we demystify the Stairmaster and look at its top health benefits. So, if you are interested to know the reasons for the popularity of Stairmaster and why you should include it in your fitness routine, this is a must-read post for you. Let's get started.

What is a Stairmaster?

Stairmaster and How Can It Help You Stay Fit?

Stairmaster fitness equipment is a stationary fitness machine that rotates steps, and you can climb stairs in one place. It is similar to the treadmill and elliptical, but you have to climb stairs instead of running in one place. You only have to choose the step and duration as per your choice before you begin your exercise routine and press start to start climbing. This powerful fitness machine can dramatically improve your fitness level and help you achieve your fitness goals.

Stairmaster can provide an above-average cardio workout which helps tone the lower-body muscles like quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, and glutes. The best thing about this machine is that you can easily customize your workout as per your fitness goals. Like beginners can take one step at a time, and with time they can make it more challenging by taking two or three steps at a time. Skipping the steps is an easy and effective way to take the workout to the next level.

The user-focused features available in most Stairmaster machines include the widest and deepest stepping surface, handrails, workout program, and heart rate monitoring. You can also expect USB charging ports, Bluetooth, and fans in top-quality Stairmaster gym equipment.

Stairmaster workout benefits  

The common workouts that can be done on a Stairmaster are variable metabolic conditioning or cardio-based workouts. However, ensure that you maintain your posture while exercising to put a strain on the right parts of the body. Also, avoid gripping the sides of the machine for support because it is “cheating”, as it will reduce the effectiveness of your workout.

You can begin with the 10-minute warm-up to activate the heart and muscles before practicing intervals for an ideal workout. You can try the 1:1 ratio of high intensity to recovery, which is 1 minute on, 1 minute off, for however long you would like, followed by 5-10 minutes cool down. Another pro tip for an effective workout is that you must take note of how your body is reacting to the workout.  If it’s too intense increase the cool down and shift your ratio down.

How Can Stairmaster Help You Stay Fit

How Can Stairmaster Help You Stay Fit?

Healthy people love Stairmaster equipment because of the plethora of health benefits it offers. But some people remain confused about whether they should include a Stairmaster in their workout routine or not. So, here we have listed the primary Stairmaster health benefits that will help you make the right decision.

Improve cardiovascular health

Cardio is an exercise that causes your heart to beat at an increased rate. Stairmaster is perfect for a great cardio exercise, and it's great for your cardiovascular health. When you work out at a high intensity and choose to run up the stairs instead of walk, it helps make your heart strong and efficient. Therefore, you use the Stairmaster regularly and workout as it is one of the best things you can do for your heart. The more you exercise the stronger and more efficient your heart becomes.

The other benefits of improved cardiovascular health are lowering high blood pressure and keeping the resting heart rate low. In addition, it controls cholesterol and diabetes and reduces the risk of heart and arterial disease. Regular cardio also lowers the risk of suffering from stroke or heart attack. So, ultimately, in the long run, a Stairmaster workout can contribute to a long and healthy life. Another interesting fact is that the more you exercise, your heart gets stronger. The stronger your heart gets, the more you can exercise.

Weight Loss

Weight Loss  

If your fitness goal is to get back in shape, Stairmaster will help you burn a whole lot of calories and fat. You may not know that walking 10 steps on Stairmaster gym equipment is like walking 40 steps on level ground. However, if you want to know how many calories or fat you can burn using the Stairmaster, then it depends on various factors. Like heavier people burn more calories than lighter ones. In the same way the intensity of your workout also plays an important role. On average, 30 minutes of modern climbing can help burn more than 280 calories. Moreover, Stairmaster machines come with calorie-burning calculators which estimate the number of calories burned after each workout session.

Strengthen the Skeletal System

A Stairmaster workout is a type of weight-bearing exercise that helps strengthen the bones. Weight-bearing exercise can be explained as the type of exercise that puts increased stress, pressure, or weight on bones for a long period of time. The weight-bearing exercise strengthens the bones in the same way as weight training exercise strengthens muscles.

Bone is living tissue, and it responds to exercise. People who exercise regularly have greater peak bone mass (maximum bone density and strength). So, including weight-bearing exercises like the Stairmaster workout is a good idea to achieve stronger bones. It also reduces the risk of osteoporosis which is a common issue causing bones to become weak and brittle. In addition, it also helps people who have already been diagnosed with osteoporosis.

Boost Mental Health

As you climb stairs, the body releases ‘feel-good' chemicals called endorphins which boosts your mood and reduces stress levels. So, in addition to physical health benefits, Stairmaster also offers various mental health benefits. As you will lose weight, build muscles, and improve your overall fitness level, you will feel great about yourself. But, apart from that, the Stairmaster workout results in a feeling of happiness, elation, and calmness, which ultimately makes you a better person. It can also help you get rid of stress, anxiety, and depression.

You may feel exhausted after the workout session, but you will also feel proud of yourself. You will feel the positive vibes as you move upwards with each step. In addition, pushing yourself to the limits also boosts your mental toughness.

Strengthen the Muscles

Strengthen the Muscles

If you want to build lean muscles and dream of strong and efficient muscles, a home Stairmaster machine is the perfect fitness machine for you. When you work out with a Stairmaster, it strengthens your quads, glutes, calves, and all other leg muscles. Having strong leg muscles means you can run faster and jump higher. In addition, if you get tired while standing for a long time, a Stairmaster workout can eliminate this problem too. Let's get into the detail of Stairmaster's strength benefits.

  • Quads – When you climb stairs, the quadriceps are responsible for extending the knee. So during the Stairmaster workout, repetitive movement causes mechanical tension and metabolic stress in quads. It increases quadriceps hypertrophy. This results in feeling a deep burn in your quads after a long session of Stairmaster workouts.  
  • Hamstrings – The hamstring contact to extend your hip and carry your momentum forward and upwardSo, it also plays a vital role in Stairmaster workouts or in any climbing motion. Also, if you want to maximize your hamstring gain, you must try to climb two to three stairs at a time.
  • Glutes –The gluteus is also responsible for extending the hip. You should straighten your leg after each step and squeeze your glutes to maximize tension and improve the definition of your glutes. In addition, when you get comfortable with the Stairmaster, you can try glute exercises like a single-leg kickback.
  • Calves – They are the last muscles to contract to push you upwards when you step on the stairs.Therefore, if defining and growing your calves is your fitness goal, push upwards with your toes in each step
  • Core – When you tighten your abs and brace your core before each step, it helps promote better posture. In addition, your abs also get a workout.

The Stairmaster also trains core and lower back muscles as this workout engage the core to stay upright and back to stay straight. Furthermore, if you swing your arms while the Stairmaster workout, it strengthens the arms too.


Improved Joint Health

Stairmaster workout is an intense form of cardiovascular exercise, but it is a low-impact exercise. People are often scared of exercise because it may result in knee issues or joint problems. But, with Stairmaster, you don't have to worry about this issue because it is a low-impact workout. It stresses your feet, shins, and knees less than any other cardio workout. So, you don't have to suffer to reap the benefit of a Stairmaster workout.

When you climb an actual staircase, you also have to walk down the stairs. But, walking down the stairs is tougher on knees, and Stairmaster is helpful as it keeps you moving up all the time. So, people who have bone or joint problems can rely on the Stairmaster workout because there is no risk of pain or injury. However, if you are really in pain, we suggest you speak with your doctor before choosing any workout.

Stairmaster Frequently Asked Questions


Stairmaster Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I purchase a Stairmaster when I can use regular stairs?

Yes, many people say that going up and down a set of stairs results in the same benefits as a Stairmaster. But that's not true. Taking the stairs can keep you physically active, but it cannot provide a variety of resistance levels to promote fitness and fat loss like a Stairmaster. On regular stairs, you have to come down which may result in injury or joint pain, but this risk is eliminated in a Stairmaster.

Can I use Stairmaster if I have never exercised before?

If you are a beginner, don't worry. Stairmaster workouts are an excellent option for new fitness enthusiasts. But beginners should take it easy at the initial stage. With time you can include a challenging Stairmaster workout in your fitness program.

What do the best Stairmaster workouts involve?

It depends on your fitness goal. Like if you want to lose weight and your friend wants to tone a specific muscle group, you both cannot get desired results from the same Stairmaster workout. But every session should start with a warm-up.

Are longer workouts better on a Stairmaster?

If you think working out on Stairmaster for longer can help you get the results faster, it's not true. An effective workout can be between 20 to 60 minutes. Therefore, using the Stairmaster machine for over 60 minutes at a time is not advised.

What is the average number of calories burned on Stairmaster?

The calories burned on Stairmaster can be 500 - 800 an hour. Furthermore, it depends on the workout intensity and your body weight. Also, you can check the exact number on the machine's display.

Now, you must have understood why people have fallen in love with the Stairmaster. So, if you also dream of stronger bones, a healthier heart, more efficient lungs, and bigger muscles, you should seriously consider including a Stairmaster in your workout routine. This stationary fitness machine can help you reap dozens of health benefits. Therefore, you can also buy a top-quality Stairmaster machine for your home gym to achieve your fitness goals. So, become a more fit, healthy and happy version of yourself by exercising with a Stairmaster today!

You've been dreaming of the perfect fitness equipment for your home long enough! You deserve the absolute best in workout routines. Treat yourself by calling us at 866-674-1231 to speak with a fitness equipment expert today and setup the home workout of your dreams.

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