Stairmaster 7000PT Stepmills

Our StairMaster 7000PT Stepmill is one of our highest-rated stair stepping machines around. StairMaster has been a leader in stair-stepping machines since their inception, providing everyone from personal trainers to beginners with quality machines that produce results. If you’re looking for a machine to tone your entire lower body from the gluteal region to the calves, then StairMaster has the machine for you.

Total Body Experts is extremely proud to be the #1 Online Dealer for StairMaster products. We offer certified, pre-owned StairMaster products that will give every user the workout they’re looking for at a price that won’t break the bank.

The StairMaster 7000PT Stepmill comes with a number of advanced accessories and programs for users that want to personalize their workout. Each machine comes with nine available workout options, including: Manual, Fat Burner, Calorie Burner, and HR Zone Trainer. Heart monitoring is available through the innovative wireless Polar Telemetry.

The StairMaster 7000PT is designed and built to help users feel the burn and get the results they want. Machines are equipped with 8”-inch high steps for added effectivity in stepping. Stepping speed rate ranges from 24-162 steps per minute to accommodate every level of intensity. And, with 20 resistance levels and 9 different workout programs, users are guaranteed a personalized workout to help them achieve results faster and more effectively.

For users that are accustomed to the rigors of stadium stairs and indoor stairwells, the StairMaster offers a uniquely realistic feel. StairMaster machines are designed to give users the ultimate stair-stepping experience, tailored to their individual workout preferences and desired fitness results.

Total Body Sports guarantees each and every one of its machines. We are dedicated to providing our customers with only the highest quality workout gear at the best prices available anywhere on the Internet. We’ll help you through each step of your purchase and make sure than you are satisfied with your final product.

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