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Octane Fitness Zero Runner ZR8000 Smart

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Octane Fitness Zero Runner ZR8000 Smart
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Finally, the treadmill has been transformed. By reducing the repetitive impact, the Zero Runner enables your members to optimize their form, engage the core and concentrate on activating the hamstrings and glutes.




Finally, the treadmill has been transformed. By reducing the repetitive impact, the Zero Runner enables your members to optimize their form, engage the core and concentrate on activating the hamstrings and glutes. The user-generated stride also means members can choose to walk with shorter strides, or vary their stride and pace throughout the workout to jog, run or sprint – just like outside.

Plus, without a belt or deck, the Zero Runner offers the same great running workout without the additional cost of ownership. The Zero Runner eliminates the pain of running for your members and the pain of equipment maintenance for you!

Run smarter. Train smarter. Buy smarter.

The ZR8000 delivers all the benefits of a treadmill…but better. Totally unique on the cardio floor, the ZR8000 generates buzz by combining the best of a treadmill and an elliptical for standout workouts that replicate real running.

And for clubs, the ZR8000 offers valuable advantages: no electricity costs, quiet operation and minimal maintenance and service needs, unlike a treadmill.


  • 10” glass capacitive touch screen
  • Workout Boosters and CROSS CiRCUIT® video coaching
  • Simultaneously displays essential workout data
  • Zero-Impact Running™
  • Wi-Fi enabled
    – Web browsing, video streaming
    and web applications
  • 3-speed console fan
  • USB port (charging capabilities)
  • 15 resistance levels and 17 workout programs
  • Quiet operation
  • Wireless heart rate compatibility
    – ANT+ and Polar®
  • Digital contact heart rate on stationary handlebar
  • Add-on options: Personal viewing screens and wireless 900Mhz

Lower cost of operation

Built with a heavy-duty frame for exceptional performance, the ZR8000 offers cordless, virtually silent operation, along with significantly lower cost of ownership and fewer maintenance needs than treadmills. With no belt or motor on the ZR8000, facility owners save on electricity and costly downtime and repairs from the typical wear and tear on treadmills.

The Zero Runner eliminates the hassle of equipment maintenance and service. Fuel the cardio floor like never before – club owners and members win big.

Real running motion

Designed to accommodate everyone from experienced runners to beginning exercisers, the ZR8000 incorporates aircraft-grade aluminum legs with lightweight pedals and independent hip and knee joints to customize natural running motion based on user preference.

A broad resistance range of 15 levels creates a heavier workload for various challenges, like hill repeats, and contoured handles feature multiple hand positions for an optimal upright posture. Exercisers can start with a walk and seamlessly transition to a jog or full-out run or sprint up to a 58” stride length.

Cross training made easy

Strength and flexibility training for exercisers is simple with CROSS CiRCUIT®, which combines cardio intervals on the Zero Runner with strength and stretching exercises off the machine to address weak links, correct muscular imbalances, build overall strength, boost flexibility and improve core power.

Based on specified individual goals, the ZR8000 provides customized regimens to maximize results, and video demonstrations and coaching help ensure proper exercise execution (Smart console only). Plus, trainers and clubs can optimize cardio floor space by offering small group training on the Zero Runner with CROSS CiRCUIT.

Smarter than a Treadmill

Treadmills subject the entire body to significant repetitive stress. And the moving belt throws the feet so that exercisers do not activate the hamstrings like they do outside, which can negatively impact performance. The Zero Runner eliminates the weight on the joints so users can walk, jog or run comfortably, without repetitive harmful impact.

Also, with stride tracing technology on the Smart console, individuals can monitor the health of their stride throughout workouts for stronger form and better results.

Dual Stride Trace Technology

The smart console features valuable technology that traces an exerciser’s left and right stride and displays it on the console. Users therefore can monitor and correct their imbalances so that they are more efficient both inside on the Zero Runner and outside on the road.

The dual stride trace makes it easy to see activation of the glutes and hamstrings by the height of the heel kick, so runners can focus on getting the best workout that fully engages these important muscle groups.


Exercisers today want the ability to multitask during workouts to maximize their time and productivity. With the smart console, they can choose to surf the Internet, stream web videos or choose web applications – all while enjoying an effective workout. In fact, engaging entertainment helps exercisers work out longer and more consistently – all for better results!

Asset Management

Now it’s easier than ever to maximize the performance and life of cardio equipment, thanks to Octane’s smart asset management program, provided by EcoFit Networks.

This software records valuable data from cardiovascular equipment that club owners can evaluate to optimize equipment placement, ensure equal usage, schedule timely preventive maintenance and minimize downtime with service needs.

Key Mechanical Features

User defined running motion  
Dynamic stride length 58″ (147cm)  
Aluminum Legs  
Pedal spacing 1.4″ (3.5cm)  
Low step-up height 5.2″ (13.2cm)  
Lightweight pedals  
Rubber non-slip pedals  
Rubber non-slip step  
Contoured moving handlebars  
One-time lock-out handlebars  
Tablet/reading rack  
CROSS CiRCUIT compatible  
Water bottle holder  
Quiet operation  
Transport wheels  
Electronic Features    
Resistance levels 15  
Self-powered (standard console only)  
Quick start  
Wireless heart rate (ANT+ and Polar®)  
Digital contact heart rate sensors on stationary handlebars  
Number of programs 12  
Preset Programs    
Quick Start  
Distance goal  
Calorie goal  
Advanced Programs    
30:30 Interval  
CROSS CiRCUIT Total body blast  
CROSS CiRCUIT Lower body blast  
CROSS CiRCUIT Upper body blast  
Product Specifications    
Max user weight 400lbs
Footprint (W x L) 43.2″ x 69.6″
(110 x 176cm)
Product weight 357lbs
Parts 3 Years  
Labor 1 year
Additional Information:

Additional Information

Name Octane Fitness Zero Runner ZR8000 Smart
condition New
Brand No
Warranty Parts: 3 years. Labor: 1 year.
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