Get in shape even faster with the Cybex Arc Trainer.

Get in shape even faster with the Cybex Arc Trainer

The Cybex Arc Trainer is a high end cross trainer that is designed for the most demanding user. This cardio machine is designed for to eliminate the shock generally caused by running, but still deliver a top of the line workout. Workouts with the Cybex Arc Trainer are easy on the joints due to its unique reverse arc motion. Unlike traditional elliptical machines this machine offers adjustable stride height to modify workouts to specific needs and body types. The Arc Trainer also provides superior calorie burning potential compared to traditional elliptical machines. The Cybex Arc Trainer comes in multiple models for both commercial and home gyms.

Cybex International has been manufacturing top of the line fitness equipment since the 1960s. The Cybex brand is known worldwide for both their cardiovascular and strength straining equipment.

For those looking for a workout that will melt away the pounds, order the Cybex Arc Trainer today!