Spartan Race

The Spartan Race community is as resilient as they come and so it makes sense that Spartan would partner with the toughest workout in the gym. The Sprint, Super and Beast are a series of challenging Spartan races held each year around the world. The Spartan Training edition of the StairMaster Gauntlet lets you challenge yourself against Spartans offering 6 race options, 3 different race lengths and one hell of a workout.

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Spartan My Club

With challenging events each year around the world, the Spartan race attracts the toughest participants in its sport. The StairMaster Gauntlet, Spartan Edition, allows members to train like a Spartan and challenge against other racers while offering a variety of racing options and course lengths.

Free Training Plan

The SPARTAN 12-Week Training Plan is designed to push you past your limits and shape you into a true warrior. Each week is made up of 4 workouts focused on strength, work capacity, athleticism and endurance. The week ends with the endurance exercise and puts you against one of the 6 Spartan Races programmed into the StairMaster Gauntlet embedded consoles. Whether you are training for a SPARTAN Race or just focusing on self-improvement, this workout is designed to bring out the SPARTAN in you.

Take Home Your Workout

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