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Nautilus Nitro EVO Incline Press - New

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Nautilus Nitro EVO Incline Press - New
RETAIL PRICE:  4,899.00
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  • Brand New

  • Nautilus' Warranty

  • 35° Bench Angle

  • Targets Upper Chest

  • Converging Press Arms

RETAIL PRICE:  4,899.00




Feeling apoplectic? Jump on this EVO Incline Press and give it your all. It will help you release your stress. Get Ready to grin and smile every time you see this beautiful machine in your home. You'll feel so much smarter than the rest of us when you don't have to jump through the hoops that we have to, in order to workout. This machine looks rugged, but it's build is that of delicate genius. Designed to last through years of all day usage, the Nautilus Nitro EVO Incline Press is being used at health clubs, apartments, homes, office gyms and fitness centers at hotels.

You have to feel the Nautilus EVO Incline Press to believe it. Nautilus EVO Incline Press adapts itself to the way the body moves-instead of forcing users to adapt to the machine. The patented, four-bar linkage system directs the movement through its entire range for better, quicker results. Durability is a given. Industrial-grade components, 2" x 4" steel frames, and superior construction go into every machine we build.

Nautilus Nitro® Plus equipment users get immediate, smooth resistance and proper muscle loading through the complete range of motion, leading to unprecedented results in strength gain. Its Converging Press Arms are ergonomically correct and bio-mechanically sound. Instead of forcing users to follow an incorrect path of motion, Nautilus' EVO Incline Press provides a proper movement path, so users do not strain when they lift. The independent converging press arms also ensure greater rotation in the shoulder joint for greater muscle contraction.

  • Condition: New

  • Updated Sleek, Partially Enclosed Weight Shields with a 5.5” Opening 

  • Marine Grade, Contoured Upholstery for Comfort & Durability 

  • Updated Exercise Placards for Ease of Use 

  • Integrated Parts Schematic Simplifies Service 

  • Proprietary Pin Design Limits Pilferage & Misuse Liability 

  • Enlarged Bottle Holder & Towel Knob for Convenience 

  • Multiple Color Options are Available for the Frame and Upholstery 

  • Warranty: Frame parts and welds: Lifetime; Mechanical parts: 3 years; Wear parts: 6 months; Labor: 1 year (Labor warranty applies only to USA and Canada. 
    Machine Weight: 522 lbs

  • Weight Stack: 240 lbs

  • Assembled Dimensions: 62"L x 45"W x 54"H

Additional Information:

Additional Information

Name Nautilus Nitro EVO Incline Press - New
condition New
Brand Nautilus
Warranty Brand New Warranty Direct From Nautilus