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Get into the best shape of your life with the Stepmill from Total Body Experts

The StairMaster Stepmill is a unique exercise machine. It is half treadmill and half staircase with 8 steps for you to climb, giving you a more vigorous workout than you would on a regular treadmill. You can choose your speed, your workout program, and you can even choose between several well-known fitness tests to give you the exercise you need. The Stepmill also comes with an LCD display to monitor your progress, heart rate, and more. A small LCD TV can also be attached, so you can enjoy your favorite shows while getting into great shape.

StairMaster was founded in 1983 with the simple premise that climbing stairs could provide a great workout. They started building Stair climbers for gyms, and as time progressed went on to home machines. Today they're one of the most well-known exercise brands in the world.

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