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Nautilus Nitro EVO Preacher Curl (S9PC) - New

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Nautilus Nitro EVO Preacher Curl (S9PC) - New
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  • 4 Bar Linkage System

  • User-Friendly & Powerful

  • 2" x 4" Steel Frame

  • Meets GSA Standards

  • Smooth / Fluid Resistance




It's depressing having weak, saggy arms, incapable of lifting heavy objects around the house. If you want the exhilarating feeling of having arms that look like a super hero, you're going to have to train. If you're not the type to measure your biceps daily (yes, people do that) and you aspire more to have fit, lean, well defined biceps, this machine is a great buy for you, too. 

It doesn't matter if you stand 5'2", or 6'2", this machine will adapt to your body type. With its seat height adjustments, this machine has the versatility needed, to work well for strong people, short, fat, skinny, old, young, etc. Nautilus' Nitro EVO Preacher Curl machine is a must buy for any home gym enthusiasts, with aspirations of looking great. 

Make today the beginning of your fitness journey. Pristine arms, looking cut and chiseled, strong and healthy, are the result of daily workouts on the preacher curl machine. Frankly, your're going to have some sorry looking arms unless you lift weights, or are just a push-up beast like Herschel Walker. So make it easier on yourself and buy this gym quality Nautilus curl machine. It is perfect for any health club, home gym, hotel, etc. This heavy-duty machine will remain durable in any workout environment.

  • Condition: New

  • Industrial Grade 2" x 4" Steel Frame

  • Adapts To You Instead of You Adapting to the Machine

  • Simulates the Movement of an EZ Curl Bar

  • Complete Range of Motion

  • Strengthens Biceps While Preventing Wrist Straining

  • Assembled Dimensions: 51"L x 41"W x 54"H

Additional Information:

Additional Information

Name Nautilus Nitro EVO Preacher Curl (S9PC) - New
condition New
Brand Nautilus
Warranty Brand New Warranty Direct From Nautilus
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