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Nautilus ONE® Abdominal Crunch - New S6AB250-5

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Nautilus ONE® Abdominal Crunch - New S6AB250-5
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  • Commercial Grade

  • 12 Year Frame Warranty

  • No Sales Tax

  • Anchoring Ankle Pads

  • Fully Adjustable



Pure joy. Exuberation. That's what having a nice looking stomach feels like. That's why people that are in shape are always so happy. Life's a lot nicer if you're not thinking about how fat and weak your stomach is every day. The Nautilus ONE® Abdominal Crunch machine is great buy. It provides health-club quality strength training to get the results you're looking for. Having a stomach that looks like a washboard is ideal, but it's tough to get that six pack. It just is. So what's the solution? Buy this Nautilus Ab-Machine and use it whenever you feel the urge.

Having gym equipment in your home allows you to get in a workout whenever you feel the impulse. Having to trek to the gym can sometimes deter us from exercising. It will make a great difference in your life having this machine in your home. If you're shopping for your business, this unit is health club quality and it is warranted in commercial environments including hotel's, office buildings and hotel's.

This machine is fun and efficient. In order to truly get the most out of your home fitness equipment, first and foremost, you must appreciate the equipment and feel comfortable using it. It is hard enough to work out.  After a long day at work, that the last thing any over us want is some sorry abdominal trainer that takes up space and breaks downs a lot and doesn't feel comfortable. This machine is easy to use, reliable and it really strengthens your stomach and core.

Additional Information:

Additional Information

Name Nautilus ONE® Abdominal Crunch - New S6AB250-5
condition New
Brand Nautilus
Warranty Brand New Warranty Direct From Nautilus