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The Original Jacobs Ladder

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Outfitting a Commercial Gym

The Original Jacobs Ladder

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Climb to new heights of full body fitness with Jacobs Ladder, a unique training tool which rapidly elevates your heart rate to its desired training zone.  Jacobs Ladder achieves its benefits while offering a very low-impact training experience.

Due to the 40-degree angle of the climbing equipment, there is almost no stress to the hips, knees, or ankle joints. In addition, unlike other climbing machines, with Jacobs Ladder there is a significant upper-body weight-bearing component, so your core muscles are significantly involved, and there is a full body strengthening effect.

The 40-degree angle is not adjustable – ensuring an injury-free exercise session by keeping your spine neutral.

1 to 5 minutes on the Ladder may be all you need to elevate your heart rate and bring about a noticeable training effect.

Jacobs Ladder sets up quickly with no need for an electrical outlet. Its power is self-generated; the harder you work, the faster it goes.

The ladder may take some getting used to, however, as it’s designed to serve the beyond recreation-level athlete. One common usage would be for “HIIT”or “High Intensity Interval Training”, which consists of 1-3 minute exercise bouts at 85-90% of maximum heart rate.

Specifications for Jacobs Ladder

  • Electrical Requirements
  • Input voltage: Battery
  • 2Self-generated

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 76" x 31" x 65.5"
  • Weight: 260lbs
  • Drive Type: Weight Belt/Generator
  • Resistance Levels: User-defined through rate of climb
  • User Capacity: 350 lbs
  • Steppd: Self-paced, user-controlled
  • Incline: Fixed at 40˚
  • Heart Rate: Polar® Compatible
  • Rungs: Solid Maple, 12" apart for full Range of Motion (ROM)
  • TV: Not available


  • Heart Rate: Polar® Compatible
  • Rungs: Solid Maple, 12" apart for full Range of Motion (ROM)
  • Additional Features: low impact workout, welded steel frame
  • Display Readouts: Elapsed Time, Calories Burned, Heart Rate, Total Feet Climbed, Rate in Ft/Min


  • Total Body Experts Warranty - One full year warranty on labor and parts. Certain commercial units may be eligible for upgraded extended warranty for units going in to a pure residential setting, please ask for details.
  • Lifetime on the Frame
  • Extended Warranties available!
  • No Sales Tax*, Free Shipping, Buy With Confidence! Call 866-203-5770 Now!

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