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Best Home StepMills for 2023

by heena madaan 01 Mar 2023

New year, new body! Truth be told, every day is the “perfect day” to start crushing your health and fitness goals. Building the body of your dream is a process, not a sprint, and making progress starts on your very first workout.

And you don’t even need a gym to get moving in the right direction. With today’s equipment and technology, more people are taking a page from the remote work playbook and choosing to “gym in place.” If that’s your style, we’ve got you covered with the best home stepmills for 2023:

StairMaster 4G: Best for Small Spaces

Short on space? You don’t need a full garage or basement gym to step up your workout. The new for 2024 StairMaster 4G was made for compact rooms. This full commercial-grade machine is big on quality and small on size and weight, so you can bring it out when you’re ready to work it and easily store it when you’re done.

Big value also comes in small packages. An improved drivetrain and redesigned handrail system makes the 4G easy to use and powerful enough for any level user.


StairMaster 8 Series X Gauntlet: Best for Home Gyms

If you’ve got the space and want to build out your home gym, save a spot for the StairMaster 8 Series X Gauntlet. Touted as one of the most powerful StairMasters for home use, the all-new 8 Series Gauntlet features one of the most comfortable designs to date. Deeper, wider steps lend to better balance, while the broad LCD 15” interface connects with Apple Watch and Samsung watches for flawless fitness data sharing.

You can also expect more than 30 years of the brand’s innovation built into every component. Overlooked features like the powder-coated frame and easy assembly make a big impact in how you enjoy your machine, the first time and every time.

StairMaster 10G: Best for Serious Athletes

If the StairMaster is your favorite piece of equipment when you’re training hard for your next performance, you’ll want the StairMaster 10G to be on your radar. Built for professional athletes with the price tag of a home gym, the 10G was made for the most intense climbing workouts.

The new Overdrive Mode simulates pushing or carrying a load upstairs to push you to do your very best. It also features the lowest step-up height in the industry, along with deep, wide steps that help you maintain your balance. Sleek, ergonomic handrails add an extra layer of safety to the process, while the entire machine operates smoothly and quietly so you can focus on your performance. It’s hands-down one of the most sophisticated machines in the industry that any serious athlete will be proud to add to their home line-up.

Become your own total body expert from the comfort of your home. Step up to the best home stepmills of 2022 and treat your body well!

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