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The Difference Between the StairMaster SM3 and the StairMaster 4G

by Kimi Klasser 15 Sep 2023

Upgrade Your Workout with the StairMaster 4G - New for 2024

Explore The Best StairMaster On The Market

The StairMaster 4 Series 4G, new for 2024, brings StairMaster’s 40 years of experience, innovation and technical expertise into a compact solution ideal for home and commercial facilities. With the 4G StairMaster set about to bring the best of the larger commercial machines into a solution that is equally durable, powerful and suitable to a variety of users’ needs.

Listening to consumer feedback about the StairMaster SM3 Stepmill and understanding where improvements could be made, StairMaster looked to their innovation team to develop the 4G. Upgrades include:

  • Stronger, smoother and quieter drive train motor that is less disruptive than previous models
  • A new look and design finish that is more compact and takes up less space
  • Higher step height for greater muscle engagement and cardio benefits
  • A more durable frame that can withstand more wear and tear
  • Redesigned handrails with enhanced ergonomics for great balance, physical comfort and workout options
  • Upgraded OpenHub console options 
  • More workout programs and features
  • Safety-stop sensor to protect children and pets from harm

    Some specific reasons why you might want to upgrade from the StairMaster SM3 to the StairMaster 4G:

    • The 4G utilizes the same commercial-grade drive train that is available in the 10G and 8Gx
    • The quieter motor in the 4G will be a welcome improvement
    • If you have limited space in your home gym, the 4G's more compact design will be a better fit
    • The 4G has an improved and more durable frame than the SM3
    • You will find more advanced console selections and more workout programs with the 4G

      Comparing the StairMaster SM3 and StairMaster 4G

      Feature StairMaster SM3 StairMaster 4G
      Drive System Alternator Commercial-grade generator-base
      Resistance Level 20 20
      Step Rate 24-162 steps per minute 24-162 steps per minute
      Heart Rate Monitor Yes Yes
      Console Backlit LCD 10″ LCD, 10″ Touchscreen or 15″ Embedded
      Workout Programs 20 25
      Step Height 6" 7"
      Dimensions 46" (L) x 29" (W) x 73" (H) 54" (L) x 29" (W) x 64" (H)
      Max User Weight 275 lbs 350 lbs
      Other Features Interval timer, heart rate recovery, calorie burn tracking Workout profile, incline, speed, and resistance control, entertainment options, real-time data sharing between Apple Watch and equipment

      If you are looking for a more advanced and versatile stepmill, the 4G is the choice for you.

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