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Top 7 Benefits of a StairMaster Workout

by heena madaan 01 Mar 2023

Integrating new exercise machines into your workout routine can be intimidating and overwhelming, but what if we told you finding a StepMill for sale might be the turning point in establishing a healthy lifestyle?

Stairmaster workouts are an excellent method to combine cardiovascular and strength training, targeting multiple areas of the body without the complication of using different equipment and movements. Here is a breakdown of the top 7 benefits of a StairMaster workout, including the effects on physical and mental wellness.

1. Strengthen Leg Muscles

StairMaster workouts are an excellent strategy to target all of the major muscles in the lower body at once, including your quads, hamstrings, glutes, and calf muscles.

  • The quadriceps muscles are responsible for extending the knee, an action repeated consistently as you plant your foot on the next step and straighten it as you climb. You’ll definitely feel the burn in your quads after a StairMaster workout!
  • The hamstrings are the muscles in the back of your legs that contract to extend your hip. The larger the contraction the bigger the burn, so climbing multiple steps at a time can increase the intensity of the workout to target the hamstrings.
  • The gluteus maximus assists the hamstrings in extending your hip, so to target your glutes most effectively, try to straighten your legs after each step while squeezing your glutes. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can even integrate single-leg kickbacks as you climb for additional glute activation.
  • Your calf muscles are also targeted during a StairMaster workout as they contract to push you up to the next step, so a StepMill workout is a great way to enhance muscle definition.

2. Cardiovascular Benefits

You probably know from your experience climbing stairs in your daily life that after a few flights you may be out of breath. Regular StairMaster workouts can greatly improve your endurance and heart health, which can make all activities in daily life easier and more accessible.

3. Improved Metabolic Rate

A short-duration workout session on the StairMaster can burn a significant number of calories as well as train your body to naturally increase your resting metabolic rate. For this reason, using a StairMaster even allows you to burn more calories while you’re resting!

4. Strengthen Core

Engaging your core while working out on the StairMaster allows for an excellent ab workout. This strategy will improve your posture as you climb, strengthen your core muscles, and establish strength that will prevent injury in the future.

5. Improved Skeletal Health

Bones and joints are the foundation of human health, and StairMaster workout routines can help build strong bones that allow you to function optimally in life. Additionally, climbing stairs is considered a low-impact exercise that is less stressful on the joints than other cardio exercises such as running.

6. Mental Health

It’s no secret that cardiovascular exercise can improve mental health by triggering the release of mood-boosting molecules in the body as a direct result of aerobic exercise. Additionally, this form of exercise is an excellent way to improve perseverance and mental toughness by challenging the body to reach goals while targeting multiple aspects of health.

7. The One-And-Done Method

Exercising can be overwhelming for many people because it is time-consuming, painful, or inaccessible. The StairMaster is an excellent solution because it allows you to combine the best parts of strength and cardiovascular training all in one, that can easily be completed at home with the right equipment. Now, you can hit all of your exercise goals within a short, focused session.

Movement is the most valuable medicine, so investing in your physical health is the best decision an individual can make. If you’re looking for the exercise machine that will serve you best, home StairMaster can be the last piece of equipment you ever buy. For more information about the benefits of working out on a StairMaster, check out Total Body Experts today.

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