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Whether you love running marathons, or simply want to get in shape, Total Body Experts has the right equipment that is perfect for your workout regimen. In the fitness industry, there are thousands of companies and brands that proclaim to help you lose weight and tone your body. However, there are 6 companies deemed worthy of the moniker of Total Body Experts. These businesses have developed legions of devout followers through distribution of trustworthy products and reliable results.

Life Fitness

This company began their ascent to popularity with the Lifecycle; an exercise, entirely stationary bicycle with different settings for cardio, strength training, or leisurely activity. Now, Life Fitness has spawned hundreds of effective products, including treadmills and elliptical trainers.


StairMaster has launched to the top of the fitness world with a motto based on efficiency and uniqueness. Their popular specialties are products that allow beginners and professionals alike to work out from the comforts of home. They also cater to commercial gyms with bulk packages in free weights, treadmills, and twistlock stands.

Star Trac

For the fast-paced fitness guru, Star Trac eliminates the hassle of gym memberships, offering exercisers luxurious, effective alternatives. Their products are geared towards sports, such as basketball, tennis, and golf. Although, they also cater to hikers, trail blazers, and anyone who takes comfort from exercising at home.


For almost 3 decades, Precor has led the way to fitness with their equipment gracing health clubs, hotels, spas, universities, and commercial gyms. However, they also cater to the at-home crowd, offering products that feel smooth, natural, and effortless.


With products that span from cardio training to strength and total body workouts, this company covers all of their fitness bases from top to bottom. Each of their products is designed to nurture the physical well-being of their customers.


FreeMotion is a mainly commercial business with equipment in various, well-known health spas and gums. Their treadmills, elliptical, and striders provide the utmost in tech-savvy motion, as fitness enthusiasts can work out on multiple, customizable settings and intensities.

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