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Star Trac is a worldwide leader in commercial quality fitness equipment. Fully dedicated to making innovative exercise products that will appeal to everyone from beginners to advanced athletes, Star Trac has become the name for those looking for results.

Over three million people in more than 70 countries use the Star Trac exercise equipment at home or in fitness centers on a daily basis. Star Trac's complete line of fitness equipment includes both cardiovascular and strength products.

Star Trac Products

  • The Star Trac Pro Treadmill features built-in personal fans, water bottle holders, towel bars and a space for magazines.
  • Bikes and spinners, including both recumbent and upright bikes, have a user-friendly design that allow for maximum comfort.
  • The Star Trac cross
  • Trainers and Elliptical machines have been created using years of research and provide some of the most effective and efficient workouts on the market.
  • In addition, our steppers contain amazing technology that allows the user to virtually climb famous landmarks such as the Empire State Building and Eiffel Tower.
  • When it comes to strength products, Star Trac's Human Sport is an efficient tool that was constructed to reflect the mechanics of the human body.
  • The Star Trac instinct machines provide a simple and quick workout, with several components to work each area of the body.
  • Finally, Star Trac's specialty racks take strength training to new levels that are certain to boost any fitness program.
  • Take any fitness level above and beyond with Star Trac.