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Opening Your Own Gym

by heena madaan 22 Feb 2023

Opening Your Own Gym

If you are into fitness and exercising, starting up your own gym will be worth it! The market size, of the Gym, Health & Fitness Clubs industry in the US is $36.6bn in 2022. And The market size of the Gym, Health & Fitness Clubs industry is expected to increase by 3.7% in 2022.

Furthermore, as we all know that the fitness market is great, it does not mean that you should dive into the industry without conducting your due diligence. So, before you get started, ensure that you research high-end commercial-grade products. Opening up a gym could potentially be a great business opportunity, but there are several important factors that you will have to bear in mind before you are ready to open your doors. So let us get started with a guide to help you get ready for opening up your own gym.

How to Start Your Own Gym?

1. Get certified

You need to understand that earning a medal or a trophy at a local run will not qualify you to run a gym; plus, you don't need to get a professional fitness qualification before starting your own gym.

It would help you if you got certifications from national or international health groups to boost your credibility and open up a gym with ease.

2. Find a source of financing.

Once you have conducted your due diligence about the certifications, you will have to look into the financing factor, i.e., where you will find money to start up. It will take up to $50,000 at most when it comes to starting up a small gym. Moreover, a lot of this depends on where you are setting up the shop.

No matter what, you will have to develop a plan before the investors touch your business plan. With a plan in hand, you will be able to get financing and then shop for commercial fitness equipment.

3. Be tactical about your location.

Locations are a key factor in your business plans since location is important for the survival of the gym. Primarily, you will have to research the anticipated client base. Ensure that you analyze what key demographic will account for the bulk of your foot traffic and see where many of those individuals can be found.

You need to understand that the factor of accessibility and convenience are most important to the gym members. Therefore, try to look for a property or a space that is readily accessible by car, foot, and public transport.

Furthermore, until you have major financing, the chances are that you will have to rent a place. This aspect will differ from location to location, and it requires your attention in regards to your initial operating expenses. Also, ensure that you seek written permission from your landlord about making alterations or conducting building work because there are chances that you might need to change the property's layout to place the commercial gym fitness equipment.

4. Ensure that you source the right equipment

After looking into the aspect of location and finances, ensure that you are all set to convert the space of the building into a vibrant gym. It will require a lot of equipment, and it won't be cheap.

You will have to get basic weight lifting equipment for people of all levels. It includes bench presses, squat racks, deadlift mats, dumbbells, and racks for curls and dips. You will also want to have high-end commercial-grade products and cardio equipment like bikes, rowing machines, and treadmills for your own commercial gym.

Also, ensure that you look for authentic quality brands and the right store when you are ready to buy the commercial gym equipment for your gym.

5. Get started

Once you have completed all the formalities and conducted the required due diligence, you will be all set to get started.

These are the steps that you can follow to run a successful gym. Now let us get started with the aspects you need to consider before buying the commercial equipment for the gym.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Gym Equipment for Your Own Gym

1. Ensure that you access your space

Before you invest in fitness equipment, you need to analyze how much space it will take to occupy. If you stuff the space with several types of equipment in a small space, it will ruin the aesthetic appeal and make it difficult for the users to get on the machine and exercise freely. A gym owner needs to consider the space that will be required for different purposes of your members.  

2. Ensure that you know your equipment

It would help if you were well versed with the different types of equipment, their usefulness, and their applications. Broadly classifying, there are two types, i.e., cardio fitness machines and strength fitness machines.

Cardio fitness machines include stationary bicycles, treadmills, rowing, elliptical trainers, and stair steppers.

Strength fitness machines include dumbbells, barbells, mechanical shoulder presses, stability balls, and leg presses.

3. Consider reputed fitness equipment brands

It is suggested to buy commercial gym equipment offered by a reputable brand like Total Body Experts. Then, when you buy products and equipment from a reputable store, you will have the surety of quality and promise of durability.

Not only this, but the equipment will meet safety standards, and with this, you will be less prone to get injured. Also, ensure that you check the equipment for warranties, installation, and maintenance support.

These are a couple of things that you should consider while looking for commercial gym equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions on Commercial Gym Equipment

1. What machines do I need for my gym?

The selection of the machines depends on a variety of variables. These include available space, training experience, budget, and gym capacity requirements.

2. What color options do I have with a commercial range of gym machines?

Different paint and seat colors are available upon request. You can select the one that meets your theme or requirements for your own gym.

3. How will I care for and maintain the gym equipment?

  • For this, ensure that the gym equipment is clean.
  • In addition, make a note of appliances that are frequently used.
  • Regularly lubricate or oil the machines.
    Contact sales representatives for proper care of each machine.

By doing your due diligence before you buy your fitness equipment, you will yield greater returns in the future and have a higher potentiality to opening a successful gym. For more advanced help with commercial fitness equipment in the USA, get in touch with Total Body Experts for assistance.


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