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What Makes the Perfect Place for Workouts? Commercial Gym or a Private Gym?

by heena madaan 22 Feb 2023

Covid-19 has changed how we go about everyday life and our ability to workout and train has also been affected.  During the covid-19 lockdown, people who wanted to pursue training had no other option but to start training and working out at home or go to a private gym. With the ongoing after-effects from the pandemic some people are still considering training at a private gym rather than a commercial gym even after the ease of restrictions.

You must be wondering…why? And what are the key differences between the two and how do you know which one is the best option for you? So let’s dive deeper into the details.

Pros of a Commercial Gym

1. There are lots of them

One of the most obvious benefits that you get with the commercial gym is that there are a variety of gyms in any given area to choose from, and you will be able to find the best gym that meets your fitness needs based on location, cost, and equipment available.

2. The perk of unlimited memberships

Not only will you be able to get your hands on high-end commercial-grade products, but you will also have opportunities for unlimited memberships. Commercial gyms rarely put limits on their memberships, so there will always be space for you if you wish to join.

However, as a result of covid-19, most gyms have come up with a booking system to cope with social distancing regulations. It means that you may have to wait for when you can visit the gym which may limit how often you workout. You might have to pay a small fee every time you visit the gym, and it might end up being a lot more expensive than your annual gym fee.

3. Variety of Equipment to choose from

Commercial gyms have several types of equipment that you can use. However, you don't have to use all the different kinds of equipment to get in shape. You can choose between commercial treadmill machines, commercial elliptical machines, and so forth depending on you preferred workout style.

Nevertheless, it is possible to get a great workout without using any machine, but using fitness equipment can help you monitor your heart rate, calories burned, and ensure you stay in a safe range of motion to reduce injuries.

4. Opportunity to take Classes & Workshops

There are several different fitness classes or workshops available at different commercial gyms. You will have the opportunity to sign up for the classes that catch your eye and look interesting and fun while being a great opportunity to burn some fat.

Cons of Commercial Gym

1.Working out with several other people

Commercial gyms can be very busy and noisy during peak hours. Crowded places can elevate the risk of viruses or common flu-like cold being transferred. Plus, gyms can be intimidating if you are new to exercising and are conscious about your body's appearance. Working out with people who are athletes, those who have been fit throughout their life and never had to worry about their weight, can cause you to question what others think about you. By comparing yourself with others, there are chances that you can feel less confident. With this, you will not be able to focus on training sessions.

However, some could see that as a con.  Others may see that as an opportunity to rise above that commonly held fear.  Pushing yourself past your comfort zone both emotionally and physically can help you breakthrough into a stronger and more emotionally resilient version of yourself.

2. Waiting for Equipment

During peak hours at the gym, equipment like gym treadmill machines and elliptical machines may not available due to popular demand and you may have to wait for them until you can exercise. So, your workout routine may be interrupted as you wait or you can try to replace that exercise with another until the machine opens up. If you do have to wait for a longer period, there are chances that you might miss that particular exercise for the day.

Pros of Private Gym Studio

1. Never wait for the equipment.

You will never have to wait for the gym equipment at a private gym studio. The reason is that your space is reserved exclusively for your exercise or training routine. It means that you can get started with your workout and complete it without worry that anyone is waiting for the equipment, plus you will be able to exercise at your own pace.

2. It helps in increasing accountability.

One of the foremost challenges people face regarding workouts is consistency. If you are not expecting to see someone at the gym, it is very easy to skip a day. On the other hand, with a personal trainer at a private gym studio, you will get the motivation to train and workout. With this level of accountability, you will become more consistent and notice better results from your workouts.

3. You will learn a lot more about fitness and your body.

Training and exercising at a private studio with the help of a personal trainer, you will be able to learn the proper form and ways to use specific equipment, plus you will be able to analyze which workout and exercise is the best for you. Beyond this, you can learn a lot about nutrition, health, and fitness topics that will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

4. Flexible schedule and format.

With a private gym studio, you will be able to set your own schedule. Plus, you can re-schedule your workout hours depending on what is happening on your life.

Cons of private gym studio

1. Less equipment

You will have less gym equipment to use at a private gym studio.

2. More expensive

There may not be unlimited memberships and usually going to a private gym studio will be more expensive than a public facing gym.


To experience both options, one needs to try both separately to analyze what works best for you. Both the options have their pros and cons. Therefore, you can opt for the one that best meets your fitness goals. However, if you wish to get top tier professional gym equipment, you can shop for commercial fitness equipment from Total Body Experts to ensure that your commercial or studio gym meets all of your clients needs.

You've been dreaming of the perfect fitness equipment for your home long enough! You deserve the absolute best in workout routines. Treat yourself by calling us at 866-674-1231 to speak with a fitness equipment expert today and setup the home workout of your dreams.

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