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Low-impact workout with results, the Precor Elliptical from Total Body Experts

Precor Elliptical is the world-renowned first creator of the elliptical machine. These ellipticals provide a low impact workout that is comfortable and enjoyable. Because of this, Precor Elliptical is a leader in the workout segment. Designers observe the machines in the real world and strive for a design that increases the effectiveness of the workout. This is motivation for consumers to use the product, meeting their fitness goals.

Precor Elliptical offers a range of elliptical products, but they share common characteristics. Each features large foot pads for stability and comfort, ensuring that users start with a strong foundation. Each also features handlebars; some move with the user's motion to provide a full body workout, and others are stationary to allow the user to focus on the lower body. All models feature options for angling the machine, programming workouts, and monitoring heart rate and progress. These ellipticals are designed for the beginner, the intermediate, and the professional user and are built with the consumer's needs in mind.

No matter what your fitness goals are, the Precor Elliptical is a great machine to help you achieve them. Contact us if you have any questions!